These are some reviews that I got from the employees of Krisanta Enterprise LLC.


-Rocel Bala(Client Service Manager)

Working for Krisanta Enterprise is such a blessing. I got paid more than I deserve and the work is easy. I also learned a lot from working in Krisanta Enterprise and the management is great.

Ariande Anne Vilvestre(Client Service Manager)

I love working for Krisanta! It definitely gave me the feeling of security as it not just provides competitive salary plus health benefits that my family needs. All the best for Krisanta!

Sheila Roda(Client Service Manager)

I’m very honored working with Krisanta Enterprise. The employees, the support and even the owner of the company herself is very helpful. They always make sure that no one will be left behind. I am being paid for what I worked for and they always make sure to recognize those employees who go the extra mile for the betterment of the company. It’s rare to find a job that would help you balance your schedule, but with krisanta, I can balance everything.

Jaine Bugayong(Client Service Manager)

I can’t be any happier working at Krisanta right now! Everyone is very accommodating and helpful. At first, I thought that I will have a hard time adjusting because I was used to working with only one or two people but it wasn’t and my team is just amazing!

Roanna Mary Ramos(Client Service Manager)

Now you may ask me, why would you start a blog with reviews? It’s simple, that’s my main goal in writing this article. My goal is to show real and up to date reviews about this company.

I would always read reviews about companies online and wonder, are all of these reviews real and true? Come to think of it, it’s very easy to write a review about something right? Will it be naive of me to believe everything that I read online? I was making a paper about brokerage companies here in California when I first heard about Krisanta. At first, I was hesitant and shy to even ask for an interview with the owner Ms. Alexandra Ropati, but I still pushed through with it. And the conversation that I had with her influenced me in such a way that I am now more determined and willing to reach my goals. Looking back, how I wish I could have had more time with Alex. That woman changed my outlook in life.