Well I am not going to beat around the bush. The tarot reading secret I am referring to is developing your own tarot interpretation system. This is the point where most tarot readers stop and won’t go beyond. This is where lies the difference between an average and a great tarot reader that astounds and amazes clients. 450 bushmaster ammo

How do you develop your own tarot interpretation system?

1. I would suggest selecting a system and study it thoroughly. Let’s say you decided on Pollack’s meanings. Know it inside out. Focus on one you have chosen and practice it consistently, until you know the seventy-eight cards basic interpretations like the back of your hand.

2. Once you have the firm foundation of step one fixed, the next is to dabble and examine other systems. Collect tarot meanings from other systems that you like and start using them. It doesn’t matter if you use a couple of Greer’s meanings, a score by Gray’s and a dozen by Pollacks’s.

3. Practice. Start doing readings and observe which meanings constantly appear. In your tarot journal make notes of what cards suggest to you. Record any experience, events, people, stories that the image and symbols of the cards remind you.

4. You incorporate all the systems of tarot meanings you learn plus your personal associations with what the cards suggest to you. Eliminate anything that never propped up in the course of your practice. As you develop a personal link with each card-reminding you of something you felt, known or experienced. You will develop this ability to improvise ( borrowing a jazz music term) when you read the tarot cards. This personal tarot interpretations are not found anywhere else, because it is your own, attained only through your working with the cards. And it is this way you will have the skill to give stunningly accurate readings.